Living Roots is a groovy culmination of world and electronic music, natural sounds and funky rhythms. This project brings flavors together in a tasty and fresh experience with didgeridoo, flute and other ethnic ingredients. Drawing inspiration from all over the world, universe and beyond, Living Roots opens the heart and soul to new rhythms and uplifting vibrations. 



Travis Bond

Travis grew up in Oregon and found a passion for music and art at an early age. In second grade he started acting in plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, surrounded by artists, musicians and performers, Travis got his first taste of live performance. Moving through life he fell in love with traveling the world, organic farming and music festivals. While living in Australia, Travis made his first instrument, a Didgeridoo. Once he learned how to play the Didge it was on! Over the last few years Travis has  picked up new instruments and found fun ways to mix them all together. The goal is to get everyone dancing together and sharing a prayer of love and laughter as we beat our drums and feet to the same rhythm.


Logan (l-Boogy) Brown

Logan began a deep relationship with music from an early age. Raised on Motown, Whitney Houston, Enya and world music, her sound has rich variety of flavors that she is always trying to add to. She grew up in California and moved to Oregon while still young, infusing her spunky character with a true love of wilderness. These explorations into nature began her relationship with beat poetry and song writing as an art form, visiting open mics and poetry slams left and right. After a few attempts at small bands and guest features in college, she began contributing to Living Roots. Within this project her background in soul and gospel has added a special flavor and dynamic which has opened new doors into unique creative potential.